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On Jul 23, 2006, at 9:25, Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:

> "Anders Berg" <andersb at> writes:
>> "Dag-Erling Smørgrav" <des at> writes:
>>> OK, let's try to have the static site running on  
>>> by
>>> the end of the month.
>> That's a simple copy job. A bit worse if you mean that all the  
>> content
>> should be done :)
> Don't worry about the content, that's my responsibility.
>>                   I was thinking of registering a domain this  
>> week, we
>> talked about some at one stage or another, I am gonna check their
>> awailability.
> I think should do for now, don't you?

Sure but we will want a URL that is easy in the long run anyway.

is a good domain that is available. :) Would be fun, but maybe not so nice :)

>>               Also we need to find a small CMS system for the  
>> website.
>> Open for suggestions, remember this may also have to live on  
>> server at
>> Linpro, and the forum software.
> Linpro has a close relationship with eZ Systems, so eZ Publish is a
> natural choice from my point of view.  I can set up a test site that
> you and your designer can play with before we go live.

I talked to Stein about it. He meant that eZ was shooting a spurrow  
with a cannon, and I agree. I tried installing eZ on but  
for some reason I keep getting a bug that should have been solved  
months ago. Php 5.0 is not supported.
Considering that we could get away with only having the News part of  
the site under a easy CMS, maybe that is the way we should go. One  
could even use Blogger (supports FTP) and do the design in css and  
autoformat it (just an example of how simple it could be done).
I have not searched freshmeat or sf for a small system, but I am  
guessing a dime a dozen.

>> Okay, I understand what, and why, you and Poul-Henning hold against
>> forums. As developers, mailinglists are the best way to  
>> communicate. The
>> situation is a bit different for many possible users. I see 2 ways to
>> solve this for the benefit of both groups.
> I understand, and I may keep track of the forums in an initial phase
> to help them gain momentum, but in the long run I'd prefer not to be
> involved.

Sure. So alternative number 2 could work.

Anders Berg

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