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Sun Jul 23 13:32:35 CEST 2006

> Anders Berg <andersb at> writes:
>> I talked to Stein about it. He meant that eZ was shooting a spurrow
>> with a cannon, and I agree. I tried installing eZ on but
>> for some reason I keep getting a bug that should have been solved
>> months ago. Php 5.0 is not supported.
> OK, how about Drupal?  It's a fairly lightweight CMS with which I have
> some experience.

Sounds good. Maybe thats the right tool for the job.

>> Considering that we could get away with only having the News part of
>> the site under a easy CMS, maybe that is the way we should go. One
>> could even use Blogger (supports FTP) and do the design in css and
>> autoformat it (just an example of how simple it could be done).  I
>> have not searched freshmeat or sf for a small system, but I am
>> guessing a dime a dozen.
> See (there seems to be something wrong with their front
> page right now, but they're in Google's cache - top hit for "cms
> matrix")

Thx, good link.

Anders Berg

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