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> "Anders Berg" <andersb at> writes:
>> The discussion over was about how to get posts in the forum to email.
>> Unless you meant using a forum plugin to Drupal? My guess would be that
>> such a forum would not a good and tried out like punBB og phpBB.
> Drupal has built-in discussion boards, and is one of the most widely
> used open source CMS systems; big enough to have its own annual
> conference.  I trust it a lot more than I trust anything with BB in
> its name.

Hmm, we are somewhat divided yet.
I guess it all boils down to what lvl of involvment we want the CMS to
have. I see 2 approaches.

1. Very "light" site. Mostly static content. Other sections than News is
static. Links in the doc section is to a page that again links to static
content. and type of
content. The news section controlled by something like:
and a simple yet powerful forum. I have been running a punBB installation
for the good part of a year ( 7100
posts), and I have grown to like it alot. Its funtionality is easy and
powerful both for daily or sporadic use. I would trust it a long way since
the codebase is small and mature, without any big breaches so far. Read
more about it at:

2. Very "CMS" based site. Every section is somehow connected to the main
system. It delivers all aspects of the site. Forum, possible FAQ, possible
issue integration. Updating any part of the site is done through a CMS
system. Drupal can possibly deliver what is needed, but certain things
must be adjusted to fit, and implementation is not "instant".
I have checked out the forum in Drupal, and I understand why you don't
like forums Dag-Erling :) While pleasant to look at, I find that it
somehow lacks power and depth and is clearly a forum attached to a CMS in
my pow. However it is more "integrated" into software development and
release as: and and show
I think using Drupal for just the newspage (overly complex) and forum part
(not as good as alternatives) of would demand to much
work for to little gain. Going for full integration could be done, but I
fear we will have to put some (many?) houres into it, and it's updates.
I read: and it confirms that it's a framework

Anders Berg

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