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Mon Mar 6 10:46:44 CET 2006

Anders Berg <andersb at> writes:
> threw together some dates that we could focus on. My guess is that
> it will be revised, but we might as well start somewhere.
> April 20.			Progressmeeting, Denmark.
> June 1.			Progressmeeting, Oslo.
> June 26-30.		Livetest.
> July 10-28.		Vacation?
> August 7-11.		Livetest 2.
> August 14-17.	Acceptancetest.
> August 18.		Deliverydate.
> attached is also a iCal-file. I think Trac has support for that.

It can only export milestones in iCal format, not import - and
besides, mailman strips all attachments that have a mime-type that
doesn't start with "text/".  I'll punch them in.

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