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Wed Mar 8 01:43:19 CET 2006

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>>Fixed. One thing that eluded me so far is how we are gonna configure the
>>storage backend(s).
>>Or is this gonna be implemented from the commandline tool and part of the
>>managment protocol?
> Yes.
> Storage will be defined with command line args or if that gets too
> unweildy, with a traditional config file for the management process.

Okay, I can see how that might turn out unweildy. Either way, a Varnish
configuration must exist on every node anyway, if not for any other
purpose than to know the IP address of the managment node.

The reason I asked was to see if we might need storage commands in the
Varnish Configuration Language.

if (storage.freespace < 200MB){
   if (obj.size > 200MB){
} is updated some, and I put some notes under
the Object table.

Anders Berg

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