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Wed Mar 22 16:36:07 CET 2006

Here is the latest logo-file. Its more to find a color than to find the
final design, I am told :)

Any colorpreferances?

Anders Berg

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> Anders Berg <andersb at> writes:
>> Dag-Erling Smørgrav <des at> writes:
>> > "Poul-Henning Kamp" <phk at> writes:
>> > > Anders Berg <andersb at> writes:
>> > > > Here is what our designer has come up with so far.
>> > > I had sort of expected to see something like a brush painting a 
>> > > swash and the name and the "ball-stick" drawing appear in 
>> > > negative in the swash...
>> > That sounds neat - it certainly fits the name.  Anders, could you 
>> > ask your designer about it?
>> I'll run it by him, but I have some difficulty picturing it :)
> Imagine painting a white wall with red paint and a wide, flat brush - 
> make a horizontal stroke from left to right, then use that as the 
> background for the text and the sticks-and-balls logo.

Do I have to? :)
We are in the hands of a good designer here. What I sent was a prospect, not
final ideas, they go threw many fases apperently :)

Here comes a small sample of the design prosess so far. Feel free to stop
reading when you feel like it. Hehe.

*** Past ****

Bla, bla, bla, speed, bla, new, bla, bla, modular, bla, small, bla, bla...

*** Present ****

What has been said from my side, after studying the works with the designer
is that we are probably looking at the one in the upper left corner, that
one has bigger "boobs" than the ones below it. I like that one, as you do.
But you said you liked the red color, so whats happening is that he is gonna
mock up that one with many different colors (blue, red, green, etc...) but
gonna keep that "background".

Then all the fonts you see on the page can be used in any logo, they are
just fonts to look at and see if you like. You liked the detergent one, me
2, but we gotta loose the star (2 many elements, with the "rods"), and I
felt the R was to much like the A. This guy makes his own fonts for the job.
So he is gonna tune the font a little, and try it in the upper left logo.
Also I had some other font I like, so we throw in a few of those, in
different colors also. Italic seems to work fine.

We need another logo also, for standing up. Bla, bla, bla...

We make 3D models also, of some of the stuff. (already done some). Bla, bla,

*** Future ***

I am gonna bla, bla some and we are gonna end up happy :) I have full trust
in Kristian, our in-house designer, and I am sure we will be pleased. He's

I enjoy all the bla, bla'ing. This is not an example of "Puh, look at what I
must do". I am really into Varnish, and wanna get things going on many
parts. VG is behind this and I/we really wanna make a good first impression
:) I think Redmond has shown the world that impressions and wrapping is key.
If we can deliver a good product as well, and I am sure we will :), I hope
that we will succeed parts of the goal ("The end product will result in the
fastest, overall best, well-documented and well-known Open Source HTTP
accelerator in the market."). I also hope that we will be able to contrbute
another goal that is not written, but spoken of, a contribution back to the
Open Source communities (hopefully the BSD camp also).

You guys have already contributed so much work so you don't get to work'ed
up over it :) I haven't. Hehe. I understand where somebody threw the word
religion into the equation...

So for me everything is fun, but I am NOT gonna sharpen my C, so I'll try
other areas :)

Anders Berg
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