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> I must admit that I find this entire "multi-everything" to be a bit,
> all-right: very, overhyped these days.

I agree, unfortunately AMD and Intel follow/lead the hype to some degree.

> Writing programs which scale to just 32 cores is incredibly 
> hard, unless we talk about something like CGI scripts in 
> apache2 (and even then it's not trivial.

Yes, thats why the T1 is good on some benchmarks I understand. And, if I am not mistaking, also Varnish will be?

Anyway, this article gave me (probably not you guys) an easy-to-understand glimpse of the possible future.
> At the bottom of it is the fact that Intel has promised to 
> double performance 18 months, at least until Moore croaks.
> Having run up against the 4GHz Si/CMOS clock barrier, the 
> only way out is expanding number of cores.
> But in reality, the silicon real-estate could be used much 
> better if you take a "whole system performance" view.

Yeah, but apps need to be aware of this right? I think Varnish is in a better position than the "competition" to take this into account. :)

Anders Berg

> For instance: add hw-crypto (Intel/AMD doesn't dare do this, 
> because they would have to make sure CPU's don't get into 
> Iraq, N.Korea etc but VIA already did it.)
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