Building rpm package from svn checkout

Ingvar Hagelund ingvar at
Thu Oct 19 15:03:34 CEST 2006

I have added a redhat subdirectory to trunk/varnish-cache. To build a
package from a raw checkout, do something like this:

Follow the instructions at to get the
source. Then enter the trunk directory and edit
varnish-cache/redhat/varnish.spec. At least bump the version and/or
release numbers. Then use something like this to build the rpm

VERSION=$( awk ' /^Version:/ { print $2 } ' varnish-cache/redhat/varnish.spec )
ln -s varnish-cache varnish-$VERSION
# We don't want svn tags in the rpmbuild
tar $(
    find varnish-$VERSION/ -type d -name .svn | \
        while read i; do 
            echo -n "--exclude $i "
) -cvzf varnish-$VERSION.tar.gz varnish-$VERSION/*
rm varnish-$VERSION
rpmbuild -tb varnish-$VERSION.tar.gz



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