Bug Report..can't use Trac tickets

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Tue Sep 5 08:41:24 CEST 2006

In message <44FD0698.7030302 at litespeedtech.com>, Xing Li writes:

Hi Xing,

You get the honour of being the first "outsider" to report an
error.   Welcome! :-)

>Sorry for the list intrusion. Registered with Trac as "xing" but I don't 
>have the rights to submit a bug ticket according to Trac: "TICKET_CREATE 
>privileges are required to perform this operation".

(this is des@ domain, I'll leave it to him)

>I have the communication logged to disk but there was too much data and 
>I could not figure through the asserts which request was at fault. If a 
>dev can tell me what to look for, I can research the varnish log.

This particular assert indicates protocol trouble with a document
that uses "chunked encoding", usually a CGI script, and the most
likely trouble is that Varnish got out of step with the server somehow.

In theory the transaction should be the last in the varnislog so
if you run:
	varnishlog -d -w /tmp/foo
	(wait approx 10 seconds, then hit ctrl-C)
	varnishlog -r /tmp/foo | tail -200

You should get the information about which URL etc.

The easiest way to debug it from there would be if I could access
the server from here to pick up that URL, then I can see what
happens close up with a debugger, but if that is not possible
we will find another way.


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