Testing Varnish

Mark Nottingham mnot at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Sep 20 20:23:25 CEST 2006


The good news - my initial testing on a single 3Ghz Xeon (HT)  
processor Varnish box indicates that it tops out at about 18,000 1k  
responses a second, and it seems reasonable under overload. This  
compares very favourably to many other implementations, and is much  
improved from the last release.

The bad news - testing for HTTP conformance with Co-Advisor <http:// 
coad.measurement-factory.com/> finds a *lot* of violations. However,  
I'm just testing stock Varnish with no configuration (as that's not  
documented! ;). Can anyone comment on the state of Varnish's HTTP  


P.S. I can't provide full results, but I believe Measurement Factory  
gives favourable terms to Open Source projects; you might want to  
talk to them.

Mark Nottingham
mnot at yahoo-inc.com

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