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>cache_acceptor.c:170: error: 'CLOCK_REALTIME' undeclared (first use in this
>Dag Henning says this is because OSX does not have a clock_gettime system
>call, and that gettimeofday aint monotonous enough or something like that...
>:-) I will try to dig more into the issue.

gettimeofday() will do.  Just add a compat function that emulates
clock_gettime() with a gettimeofday() call, and then preferably
send an email to Jordan K. Hubbard at Apple and tell them to get
their act together.

>varnish does not seem to set X-Forwarded-For ? (Maybe it's not common to do
>it, but it's how my framework deals with  reverse proxies)

I didn't know how widespread and widely used the X-Forwarded-For:
header was, so I didn't put it in initially.  If there is a desire,
we can make it possible to do so from VCL.


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