development efforts on the Solaris side.

Theo Schlossnagle theo at
Mon Dec 31 22:26:16 CET 2007

Hi guys,

I'd really like to be able to contribute some of the improvements  
we've made to varnish back.  Is there a way I can get access to  
commit.  I'd be happy to stay in my own branch.  My current patch set  
is unwieldy and I'm very tempted to just start my own repos... That,  
of course, seems silly.  I've fixed up (removed) some of the gccism in  
favor or more portability (#include over -include).  I've fixed a few  
bugs, made the VCC line a but smarter and more accepting of non gcc  
compiler, I've added a portfs acceptor and built a storage_umem  
allocator facility that rides on Solaris' excellent libumem (highly  
scalable allocator) which we also ported to run on Linux and FreeBSD  
(and Mac OS X):

Next steps?

Best regards,


Theo Schlossnagle
OmniTI Computer Consulting, Inc.
P: +1.443.325.1357 x201
F: +1.410.872.4911

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