Support Cache-Control no-cache/private as per RFC2616 ?

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Tue Nov 20 18:19:16 CET 2007

"BUSTARRET, Jean-francois" <jfbustarret at> writes:
> IMHO, this is mainly a documentation problem. Why not :
> - remove the term "reverse proxy" from the FAQ and replace it by "HTTP Accelerator",
> - describe exactly what/when varnish caches by default,
> - describe how to build a RFC2616 reverse proxy, and bundle a sample vcl with varnish.
> As Poul-Henning told, someone should contribute/sponsor this. Having
> more time than money (and feeling not 100% welcome here), I can
> write some documentation if you agree.

Documentation is always welcome.  The wiki needs a lot of work, and
both Poul-Henning and I have far too much to do (both with Varnish and
other projects) to be able to spend much time on it.

BTW, could I suggest that you subscribe to varnish-misc or varnish-dev
(or both) so I don't have to manually approve everything you send to
the list?

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