pre-2.0 Trac Ticket Triage

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Sat Jun 21 12:11:50 CEST 2008

As some of you will have discovered, I am busy going through the
tickets in Trac in preparation for 2.0 and have closed all those
tickets that I deemed to be of no help to the project any longer.

Since the 2.0 release will likely increase interest in Varnish
considerably, I want to avoid having 1.x related bugs cluttering
the database, when the default answer to any problem with 1.x
pretty soon will be: Update to 2.x.

Quite a number of tickets I have closed were "heisenbugs" at the
time of filing, and the majority of them relates to the two major
race conditions we had: kqueue/sess and backend/addr.  Obviously
I have no iron-clad guarantee that there is not another bug
hiding there as well, but I trust my users to open new tickets
in that case.

Other more planning-oriented tickets have been moved to the wiki.

If you feel any of your tickets were closed in error, please don't
hessitate to say so.

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