Using the test framework for other proxy products

Dmitry Rubinstein dimrub at
Tue Nov 18 17:43:39 CET 2008



I came across Varnish in a search not for a caching proxy, but rather
for a testing framework that would allow us to test our product (which
is a security product that acts as an HTTP proxy). Is anyone known to
have tried (and succeeded) using the Varnish test framework in order to
test anything other than Varnish? What I have in mind is testing for
compliance with various HTTP specifications mostly, including things as
core to HTTP as pipelining, and as specific as various flavors of
authentication. The necessary condition is, obviously, development of
some sort of adapter that would allow setting up the
other-than-varnish-proxy in accordance with the configuration being



Dmitry Rubinstein


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