Handling Dynamic Backend Redirects

Mike Melson Mike.Melson at Caringo.com
Thu Jun 11 03:17:08 CEST 2009

Is there anyway to catch & follow a 301 redirect from a backend server 
to a host that has NOT been defined as a backend in varnish?

I have succeeded in intercepting & following a 301 redirect from a 
backend server when it is redirecting to another backend server that has 
already been defined in varnish.

However, I am researching the viability of putting varnish in front of a 
set of servers that work together to form a storage cloud (with 
potentially hundreds of nodes in the cloud). A GET can be made to any of 
the servers. If that server does not have the content, it issues a 301 
redirect to the server that does. Since it is possible to add new 
servers into the "cloud" at any time, it would be highly desirable to be 
able to follow a redirect to a host that didn't have a backend entry in 

Any thoughts?

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