What's the best way to give feedback for future Varnish features?

Cloude Porteus cloude at instructables.com
Wed Mar 11 22:17:16 CET 2009

Our testing with Varnish is going great, but the features around ESI
that haven't been implemented are going to make things a little bit
harder than I had hoped. I was reading the PostTwoShoppingList and saw
a request (please tell us which!) after more ESI features, but I'm not
sure how to voice my preference. So here's what would make Varnish
shine for our implementation. Both are already on the

5. More ESI features
Cookies & Conditionals, so we can do this example pulled from the ESI Spec:

   <esi:when test="$(HTTP_COOKIE{group})=='Advanced'">
       <esi:include src="http://www.example.com/advanced.html"/>
   <esi:when test="$(HTTP_COOKIE{group})=='Basic User'">
       <esi:include src="http://www.example.com/basic.html"/>
       <esi:include src="http://www.example.com/new_user.html"/>

6. Gzip support
We just need the ability to GZIP outbound text files, since we can't
GZIP before the ESI statements are processed.


VP of Product Development


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