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Laurence Rowe l at
Thu May 7 14:21:26 CEST 2009


Just a couple of comments on the feature requests

Instead of directly supporting X-Sendfile, I wander if this could be
supported by passing an argument string from restart, e.g. << restart
"/some/new/url"; >> The argument would then be accessible from the
restarted request object, e.g: << set req.url =; >>
This would make it possible to support other similar schemes such as
Nginx's X-Accel-Redirect (

File upload buffering. Great! It's a vital feature for threaded app
servers. The ability to parse a request body and save files to a
temporary directory is also handy, e.g.

VCL cookie handling. Great!

I'd also like to see an option to use PCRE for regular expressions, in
certain situations (parsing cookies or other complex headers) the
ability to specify conditional subpatterns is handy, and they are
familiar for Python and PHP programmers. It may also offer some
performance benefits according to this analysis:

Perhaps more for some time in the future, I could imagine that it
would be useful to support dependencies between cached objects. If
more complex transforms such as xslt were ever to be supported, it
could be nice to also cache the result of the transform, but you'd
want to be able to invalidate this document when any of the input
documents changed. Maybe it could also be useful for caching gzip
variants if gzipping was moved into varnish. mod_depends
( was written for this
use with mod_transform and may have some interesting ideas.


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