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Thu Oct 8 16:58:03 CEST 2009

Yuri, I think it is:

>          “* Assignments are introduced with the set keyword.

You must use the "set" keyword to assign a value to a variable, in vcl.

> There are no
> user-defined variables;

An user can not create a variable, the only variables available to use
are the ones that Varnish provide, like: req.http.host, obj.ttl...

> values can only be assigned to variables attached to
> backend, request or document objects.

You can only alter the variables under the structures of:


> Most of these are typed, and the
> values assigned to them must have a compatible unit suffix.”

The majority of those variables are typed, they must receive values
which are compatible with their type, as in, for a variable which type
is "int" (an integer) you must use "set" to assign a value of an
"int", for example: 10; Trying to set it to a string will result in

These are my understandings of the above, if anyone have something to
add, or to fix, please do it.

Rogério Schneider

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