Backend polling not working

Izak Burger izak at
Thu Oct 15 08:25:52 CEST 2009

Izak Burger wrote:
> I had the same thought, so I took the request as captured with the 
> packet grabber and tried it against zope using telnet, and it produces 
> the required result. That in itself is perhaps a hint, I think the 
> telnet client inserts the correct CRLF sequences which might not be 
> immediately apparent.
> Also, if read(2) returns zero it means EOF, so the problem must somehow 
> be on the backend. I'll reply again on this thread if I manage to figure 
> it out.

When inspecting the network traffic I noticed that the client side 
(varnish) sends the first FIN packet, and not the server/backend (zope). 
This means that varnish closes the connection without reading the 
response. As far as I know, when you specify "Connection: close", the 
server will close the connection after the response rather than the 
other way round.

I then added some extra log statements to the C code and confirmed that 
the do/while loop that is supposed to read the response terminates on 
the very first read() call with an EOF.

In other words, there is definitely something wrong with varnish here.

I suspect the problem might be with poll(), although I have yet to 
confirm that. Specifically, it seems that the case where poll() returns 
-1 is not handled properly. At the least I think it should handle EINTR? 
I'll check that later and let you know.


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