Backend polling not working

Izak Burger izak at
Wed Oct 21 11:33:48 CEST 2009

Hello again,

I've discussed this issue on zope-dev. The agreement seems to be that 
there is some ambiguity in the HTTP1.1 specification, but that the 
general accepted interpretation is that if the other end closes the 
connection you should close your end as well (it signals a timeout).

There is also no browser implementation out there that does half-closing 
(except where SSL is involved). None that I know of anyway.

This also affects nginx.

I would therefore like to submit a wishlist item to make this 
configurable. I've already hacked the offending shutdown() call out of 
the code to test, and it works perfectly with zope once you do that.

If there are no objections, can I go ahead and log this as a 
wish/feature request on the bugtracker?


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