DNS director committed

Kristian Lyngstøl kristian at varnish-software.com
Sun Aug 1 16:45:39 CEST 2010


I just committed the DNS director to trunk, even though I know there
are some outstanding issues. Trying to keep up with trunk without
committing to it (and without a distributed vcs) was proving rather
time consuming (and a bit of a motivational killer).

Excluding any internal issues, there are three concerns I have with
regards to the DNS director:

1. The .list stuff requires access to some Emit* vcc-code. I've
currently cheated by just removing the static keyword and adding a
local prototype. This is obviously not a good long-term approach. I
did it like this for the simple reason that it works and I didn't see
a better way of doing it.

2. I added a vdi_get_backend_if_simple(), with appropriate comments.
This simply returns the backend of a simple director, so the DNS
director can compare DNS results with the IP. It's non-intrusive, but
badly named. Because there was also some discussion on whether it was
even the Right Thing To Do, I didn't add it to any header files yet.
It's a "let's throw it out there and see if it catches fire" sort of

3. Regression tests. It currently passes all tests, but how to go
about testing the DNS director automatically? It does, after all, rely
on DNS. The only thing I can come up with is 'localhost' vs failure.

Other than that, I've still got a list from our last IRC conversation
to work on. But it will be much simpler if I can work directly against
trunk instead of fighting with a VCS^2 system and trying to stay in

Feel free to suggest a different way to work, if you'd rather I
waited. But I got the impression that it was up to me.

Oh, I also have a return(refresh) patch, which I want to merge. You've
already seen the basic patch, but I've now worked out the problems
with regards to getting rid of the old content. It's pretty clean.
I'll push that in if I don't hear any loud complaints. It's already
available from my github varnish repo[1], which I will stop using - or
use far less - if I'm able to work directly against trunk instead.

[1] http://github.com/KristianLyng/varnish


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