[Varnish] #736: Migration to Cygwin plataform

Jorge Díaz jdzstz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 01:21:12 CEST 2010


About my modifications for Cygwin support, I will prepare all modifications
in patches format instead complete files.

I will send you the patch at the end of August (before it is impossible to

But I need some help in order to solve the problems:
Regression Tests:  *

I have problems with 8 of 183 tests  there are two kind of problems:
  - "bind(): Address already in use"
  - "Test timed out"
Do you know if some platform have similar problems or some common cause of
this errors?

I have executed same regression tests in Solaris 10, and the results are
worse than Cygwin, Solaris has "20 of 183 tests failed" so if Solaris is
level "B - Platforms we try not to break" we can consider Cygwin at its same
level? or errors must be zero in order to add my modifications to

*Autoconf tools (aka autocrap): *

I am a newbie in autoconf world. I was able to make almost all modifications
in configure.ac but I need some manual changes in Makefile.am:

   - Only for libraries, we need to add "-no-undefined" parameter in LDFLAGS
   - Only for varnishd, we need to add "-Wl,-out-implib,libvarnishd.dll.a"
   in LDFLAGS this changes only apply to Cygwin.
   - In Cygwin, the libraries "libvcl" and "libvarnishapi" have a new
   compilation-time dependence with libvarnish, I have to add LIBS=-lvarnish
   and LDFLAGS='-L$(top_builddir)/lib/libvarnish  only for libvcl and
   - If platform is not cygwin, we do not add anything.

I have apply the modifications defining some variables that in Cygwin have
some value and in other platforms are blank. This variables are used in the
specific Makefile.am.

There is other way to apply modifications without changing the five
Makefile.am and only changing configure.ac ???

*Other questions:*

Do you want me to reopen ticket #736 with changes or I must create a new

About "supported platform" in varnish I think there is no page in wiki (
http://varnish-cache.org/wiki) that speaks about diferences between Linux,
FreeBSD, Solaris and MacOSX support.
Maybe the only page about platforms is:
http://varnish-cache.org/wiki/Installation  but only speaks about
installation issues. In the future it will be necessary to add Cygwin at
this page and speak about some debugging tricks of this platform (strace
command or CYGWIN enviroment variable)

Thank you,


2010/8/4 Varnish <varnish-bugs at varnish-cache.org>

> #736: Migration to Cygwin plataform
> ----------------------+-----------------------------------------------------
>  Reporter:  jdzst    |        Type:  enhancement
>     Status:  closed   |    Priority:  normal
>  Milestone:           |   Component:  build
>   Version:           |    Severity:  normal
> Resolution:  invalid  |    Keywords:  cygwin, windows
> ----------------------+-----------------------------------------------------
> Changes (by phk):
>  * status:  new => closed
>   * resolution:  => invalid
> Comment:
>  Your ticket and work with cygwin caused me to ponder what we mean by
>  "supported platform" in Varnish, and I wrote up my thoughts yesterday:
>  http://varnish-cache.org/browser/trunk/varnish-
>  cache/doc/sphinx/phk/platforms.rst
>  CYGWIN is a Tier C platform, one we are willing to tolerate, if it does
>  not cost us too much effort.
>  These changes do not look terribly intrusive.  (I don't understand why you
>  have to modify all the Makefile.am to add cygwin specific LD-flags, I
>  thought autocrap did that for you ?)
>  On the other hand, you don't seem to have managed to get much
>  functionality out of it yet, given that some of those failing tests are
>  very basic functionality.
>  But keep at it, send us patches instead of complete files, once you get
>  the test-cases to work, and we will give you a fair reading.
>  For now I will close this ticket.
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