Problem with enabling streaming

Mariusz Pietrzyk wijet at
Fri Aug 13 12:31:41 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I have a problem with enabling streaming in varnish.

Some of applications use streaming for few URLs.

My idea is to set special header in application response, like Streaming='on'.

Then, in vcl_fetch depends on that header decide if response should be streamed or not.

The problem is that "pipe" is not available in vcl_fetch.  

Using "pass" makes varnish wait for whole response (which I obviously want to avoid).

The only way I found is to use custom param in URL, like /users.csv?streaming='on' and pipe in vcl_recv.

However than is not very elegant and makes problems on application side.

Is there any way around it ? and use "pipe" in vcl_fetch or something else to enable streaming based on backend response?

Mariusz Pietrzyk

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