Response Content Modifications

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Mon Mar 1 13:59:59 CET 2010

In message <c3623d231003010456h64a6fbffl2b93a6e1db1f92 at>, Moshe K
aplan writes:

>I understand that you are well into Varnish, and that you are familiar with
>the internal functions (those that are used in the inline C)
>Is there any exposure in the code (C and not VCL) to the C pointer to the
>response and object content?
>Is it available in the http struct? or in any other struct in the system? or
>is it just not available anywhere?

It is available, but it is far from trivial to substitute a new content,
because of the various reference counts etc.

I think a more conventional proxy process is much better suited to what
you are trying to do.

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