Ignoring health checks in statistics

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Just put this in sub vcl_recv

else {
                 error 404 "I am OK";

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we have two Varnish instances and a load balancer in front.  The load
balancer periodically polls the varnishd's for a static file (lying also
at all the backend servers) to check if varnishd is still working.  It
does that once per second.  This completely messes up statistics like
hit ratio because that static file is served from cache all the time, so
currently our hit ratio is close to 99.9%.  I would like to have counted
this specific file neither as miss nor hit, but just serve it and ignore
it otherwise.  It doesn't even need to be logged.

haproxy has an option monitor-net where you can specify that it does not
need to log requests from that subnet.  Does varnish offer a similar
option?  Or is there some cool VCL snippet I could add?

Thanks in advance.

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