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great.  thnx for your help thus far.  i'm in the midst of tackling the compilation issue.  from your response and researching the web i've come across a few questions referring to the cc_command parameter and linking/compiling the shared library.  here is what i have done thus far

1.  created a shared library
2.  installed the shared library under /usr/lib (additionally i tried /usr/local/lib)
3.  ran /sbin/ldconfig

i found the following example on the web for the cc_command parameter

/usr/sbin/varnishd -C -f /etc/varnish/default.vcl -p cc_command="exec cc -fpic -shared -Wl,-x -o %o %s -lssl"

when running this command i receive an error indicating an undefined symbol which references a function within the openssl library.  i've changed the position of the -lssl option within the cc_command parameter to determine if it has any effect.  it doesn't.

i've also attempted using the -L and -l options to specify the shared library's location and soname, still no progress.

question is:

when you have a shared library which requires special gcc command line options to compile which syntax shall i use for the cc_command parameter, the syntax i am using or a variation of the syntax?

thnx for all your help. - peter

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]] Peter Janovsky 

|     please excuse my ignorance as i haven't worked in C for a while.
|     where would i find the exec_cc parameter?  searching google it
|     appears the parameter is part of the makefile.  i searched the
|     varnish makefiles but didn't come across the parameter.  is this a
|     parameter i need to add to one of the makefiles, if so which
|     makefile?  thank you.

You can set it using -p exec_cc="gcc …"

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