docs: getting rid of the troff pages.

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Mon May 31 17:23:03 CEST 2010

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Buer writes:

>I think the tutorial only should cover the basics).

I disagree, we want the tutorial to help people as much as possible,
so there is no particular "basics vs advanced" border we should

In fact, if we want to push ESI adoption, we probably need to have
the tutorial explain it.

We can add it later, doesn't have to be now.

>I suggest we convert the existing troff
>pages into reStructuredText.

Given how seldom man-pages change, and how seldom people change
them to reflect local hacks, I would simply say build the
man pages if we have the tools, if not, too bad.

Make dist should probably complain if they are not made though.

I totally agree with Tollef on checking in generated files,
we should minimize that where we sensibly can[1]


[1] The main reason to check in the VCC files generated by Tcl was
Tcl's rarity, now that we use python, I'm open to generate them
at compiletime.

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