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Manoj Kumar manoj.kumar at Xoriant.Com
Tue Nov 2 11:26:43 CET 2010

Hi Team,
I am working to use varnish with Mogiles but i have some problem. How can we check the file size in the varnish? because we want that if the file size is greater than 2 MB request will go to Varnish directly no to cache.
I have tried some options but not able to find the solutions 
I tried 
req.url !~ "\.ogg$" && obj.size > 10MB
vcl_prefetch() { 

	if obj.http.Content-Length > xxxx { 





Please guide me, i am new to varnish. Also, Is there any way to debug the VCL rules because most of time if i add

any rule, varnish is not start.




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