How to retrieve time stamp of ReqStart and ReqEnd from share memory

hefeng cui hefengcui at
Sun Nov 14 04:52:41 CET 2010


I want to write my own log generator by extending the varnishncsa.
Currently I met a road blocker : how to retrieve the time stamp information
of ReqStart and ReqEnd?

I want to get the same information of  like using the following command

varnishlog -c -i RxURL -i Length -i ReqEnd

   11 RxURL        c /
   11 Length       c 192
   11 ReqEnd       c 1648285752 1289568283.914762497 1289568284.574348450
0.000066519 0.659481525 0.000104427

Any suggestion or code snippet would be highly appreciated!

Best regards,
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