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Thu Sep 30 08:29:45 CEST 2010

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| I do think a reverse proxy project should also support systems that are
| trying to behave ideally.

Sure, which is why you can write VCL.  We give you a default policy that
is a bit on the conservative side.  The advantage being that it actually
works with more existing solutions.

| However most (all?)  of the VCL examples found on the varnish site, and even
| VCL examples on forums, are about how to trick varnish into caching when the
| system 'misbehaves'.

Sure, this is because most systems do misbehave.  Sad fact of life.

| This is good & usefull, but somehow  the systems that try to follow the http
| spec are overseen in the docs.
| So i'm actually a) looking for a VCL example for systems that try to behave
| ideally.  and b) a request to promote this in the documentation.

For a), take the default VCL, drop the if (req.http.cookie) bit from
vcl_recv.  If Django sends out pages which start sessions with a
s-maxage of 0, you should be able to drop the check for set-cookie in
vcl_fetch too.f

As for b), file bugs in the bug tracker, preferably with patches. :-)

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