name changes for the upcoming 4.0

Mattias Geniar mattias at
Mon Dec 5 14:35:23 CET 2011

> >For _us_ it makes perfect sense. But for someone who isn't familiar
> >with the concept "grace" doesn't carry much meaning.
> I think a lot of people are familiar with this usage of grace, for
> instance in the phrase "There, but for the grace of god, go I" etc.

Yes, if your native language is English. Even though most IT'ers have
very good understanding of the English language, a more declarative
naming can definitely come in handy here.
Both "grace", "keep", "saint mode" and even "ban" can mean a ton of
different things if you're not a native American/Englishman.

Plus, using (parts of) the naming convention of Squid could allow people
to translate their current configs to Varnish more easily. The downside
is people need to change their VCL -again- after a major version change.


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