Host header normalization and IDNs/IDNA/punicode

Nils Goroll nils.goroll at
Fri Feb 18 16:05:36 CET 2011


>> Shouldn't we normalize the host header anyway to maximize cache hit rates ?
> Relevant question in this context:  Do we know how to ?
> Remember that DNS names can contain ideograms in asia these days...

I must say that until now I have more or less ignored details of the IDN
conversion implementations because from a Server/DNS perspective my
understanding is that everything simply ends up in a Host header which uses xn--
encoded parts (apologies for the broad simplification).

My understanding is that IDN complies with rfc3986, so we should not need any
extra treatment.

BUT: Does anyone on this list know IDN details well enough to confirm or correct?

Under the assumption that my understanding is correct, I think we could have a
VMOD for IDN conversion, but the Host header should under no circumstances get
converted to unicode.



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