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Thu Feb 24 19:53:55 CET 2011

In message <C467C4CF-03AD-45A4-86C8-8DEB8647BCAB at crucially.net>, Artur Bergman 
>If someone does 
>set obj.ttl = 0s;
>set obj.grace = 0s;
>set obj.conditional_timeout = 60s;
>what will happen?

The object will not be served any more, but for the next 60 seconds
it is a candidate for IMS, after 60 seconds, it will be removed.

It is enough to say:
	set obj.ttl = 0s;
	set obj.conditional_timeout = 60s;

obj.grace (and obj.conditional_timeout) are automatically zeroed
when you zero obj.ttl

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