varnishtop feature request: show _expensive_ urls

Rogier R. Mulhuijzen drwilco at
Wed Jun 29 15:16:28 CEST 2011

> Currently varnishtop shows the top urls purely based on frequency. Depending
> on your usecase that might be usefull, but might also NOT give you the
> bottlenecks you are looking for.


> I'd like to use varnish for the following (example) scenario:

---- SNIP ----

> expensive url  =   backend url with high  total time spend  (freq x
> duration)    (So the slow ones, that are called often)
> What do you guys think ?
> This would instantly give the problem areas of a website, no ?

I think this would work quite nicely. I would just change the "freq x 
duration" definition to "cumulative duration".

It would mean adding the 5th (or 6th) field from ReqEnd to the counter 
instead of 1. The hard part is probably (guessing here, have yet to look 
at v-top source) getting the ReqEnd values to add to the individual 

Throw it on the shopping list, I'd say.



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