Doing tcp splicing for pipe?

Per Buer perbu at
Wed Nov 2 09:42:23 CET 2011


We're messing around with websockets these days (for the varnish mgmt
console). So, in varnish we end up detecting an upgrade and doing
return(pipe) for the connections. It works well on the scale we are using
it. However, if we where to handle 100k concurrent users there would have
to be 100k threads to handle it which would take a fair bit of resources
doing silly bit-shuffling.

Would it make sense just to splice the connections in vcl_pipe? We'd still
need to keep an eye on the connection for book-keeping, handling errors and
such so we'd still probably need a thread looking after all of the

Does it makes sense? Is it premature to do such optimization now?

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