Streaming documentation

Martin Blix Grydeland martin at
Thu Jan 12 15:30:06 CET 2012


Attached is a patch with proposed documentation changes for streaming-ng.
(Not all of the functionality referenced there is implemented yet).

Example VCL usage follows:

sub vcl_fetch {
     set beresp.do_stream = true;
     if ( ~ "") {
         /* These hosts serve static dvdimage's from nginx, don't try to
cache and don't waste cache space on them */
         set beresp.stream_pass_bufsize = 10M;
         return (hit-for-pass);
    } else if ( ~ "") {
        /* Serves custum tailored images, non-cacheable. Forking webserver,
keep backend connection time to a minimum */
        set beresp.stream_pass_bufsize = 0;
        return (hit-for-pass);


Martin Blix Grydeland
Varnish Software AS
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