Streaming and backend conditional requests

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Sat Jan 14 20:27:21 CET 2012

In message <674C6610-199B-43B7-874E-7113361B4CA9 at>, Artur Bergman 

>> I did consider the alternative, where you call synth() from vcl_recv{}
>> and then go from there to vcl_fetch{}, in essense making synth{} a
>> virtual backend.
>> Would that be better ?
>What happens in an error and you want to go vcl_synth?

You mean a 503 ?  Same is in my proposal from yesterday:  You get
into vcl_fetch{} with a synthetic 503 response

In some ways this way of doing things is cleaner, but I fear also
more confusing.

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