Trouble understanding why Varnish retries on backend timeouts

. gmoniey at
Fri Nov 9 07:21:28 CET 2012

I recently got bit by this functionality, and I was hoping that someone
could shed some light on why this is the default behavior for varnish.

For context, I have an internal POST call, that only recently became long
running, and would timeout (although the actually call would complete), and
as a result, varnish apparently retries the POST, which resulted in the
action being performed several times. From everything I have read online,
the retry should only occur once, but I could have sworn I saw it happen
multiple times.

I found some forum posts online indicating the retry logic exists:

and even a patch (which doesn't seem to have been applied):

Granted, I should move the long running process to a background job (which
I am doing now), but I was hoping to get some understanding as to why this
logic exists.

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