New VMOD - timeutils

Jeremy Thomerson jeremy at
Thu Oct 18 02:58:34 CEST 2012


  I just created a new VMOD [0] and would love if some of you could look
over it.  It's my first one.  The primary reason I created it was so that I
could avoid having to have inline C in my VCL as suggested at [1].  I asked
about this a few weeks ago on IRC and was told the best way to contribute a
way of doing this was to create a VMOD.  Ironically, today when I was
getting ready to publish my VMOD, I came across [2] where one of the two
things I needed to accomplish was discussed.  However, my VMOD goes beyond
what was discussed in that patch in order to provide additional

  Please let me know what you think.  Also, if you know how to address the
TODO listed at [3], please let me know!  Thanks!

  NOTE: This VMOD has only been tested locally, and not in production yet.
I hope to be putting it into production in the next few weeks if all goes
well.  All feedback welcome.

Jeremy Thomerson

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