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Mon Oct 22 17:09:40 CEST 2012

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> Jeremy Thomerson:
> [..]
> >   Please let me know what you think.  Also, if you know how to address
> the
> > TODO listed at [3], please let me know!  Thanks!
> >   NOTE: This VMOD has only been tested locally, and not in production
> yet.
> > I hope to be putting it into production in the next few weeks if all goes
> > well.  All feedback welcome.
> Hi Jeremy.
> Thank you for contributing to the Varnish community.
> Since we will be living with 3.0 for a while, I think this vmod makes
> sense.
> I've sent a pull request for a small patch to make it slightly more
> production friendly. Hope you will accept it.

Thank you!  I merged it.  With that change, do you think that this is ready
to run on production Varnish servers?  Also, what should I do to make it
easy for others to start using?  I'm assuming:

1 - git tag a 0.1 release
2 - list it in
3 - provide packaging for various distros (although I'm not sure what most
of the community uses, and I don't have any good experience in creating
packages for most distros)


Thanks again,
Jeremy Thomerson
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