PipeEnd proposal, and question on ReqEnd

Guillaume Quintard guillaume.quintard at smartjog.com
Tue Dec 3 15:43:31 CET 2013

Hello all,

To get the ball running, here's a naive approach of what we could see in 
the PipeEnd line (sister of ReqEnd and BereqEnd) in term of 

t_req            TS when complete HTTP request-headers received
t_toclient       TS when we stop sending to the client
t_tobackend      TS when we stop sending to the backend
t_idle           TS when everything is done
Timestamp (since epoch) when the request started t_req
Timestamp (since epoch) when the request ended t_idle
Total request time t_idle - t_req
Time to ready response t_resp - t_req
Time to transmit response t_idle - t_resp

Of course, I'd still like to have
ReqHdr size
ReqBody size
BereqAll size

Maybe we can monitor de first few buffers we receive from the backend 
for a "\n\n" and so be able to split BereqAll in BereqHdr and BereqBody, 
but I'm not sure it's useful to anybody (though it would be consistent 
with ReqEnd and BereqEnd).

Guillaume Quintard

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