[PATCH] Backport #1337: weird http status codes

Martin Blix Grydeland martin at varnish-software.com
Tue Nov 19 10:02:15 CET 2013

Hi Kacper,

In Varnishtest, a server or client is always handling a single connection
(albeit for the server it's possible to do a new 'accept' statement, the
client doesn't have anything similar). Since your test case fails on the
client, and Varnish always closes on the client when going through
vcl_error, it's not possible to reuse the same connection for the two tests.

So you'll need to write the client parts of the tests like this:
client c1 {
       txreq -url /low
       expect resp.status == 503
} -run

client c1 {
       txreq -url /high
       expect resp.status == 503
} -run


On 11 October 2013 20:38, Kacper Wysocki <kacperw at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hia all,
> this is a backport of out-of-range backend status codes handling to
> varnish-3.0.4.
> Martin mentioned maybe that fix needed backporting, and I couldn't wait.
> Still can't get the test to pass, but if I break the two requests into two
> tests, they pass. A case of the noobs?
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