PATCH: vary on gzip

Daniel Parthey pada at
Wed Aug 27 00:52:05 CEST 2014

On 26. August 2014 12:05:43 MESZ, Federico Schwindt <fgsch at> wrote:
>To be honest I'm a bit surprised ticket 1220 has been outstanding for
>long.  I've tried reproducing this in 3.0.[345] without success.
>Have you checked whether this is fixed in V4?

No, we have not tested streaming+gzip with varnish 4 yet. What I know is, that gzip errors occurred with both gzip and the experimental streaming enabled in varnish 3. Disabling streaming also made the gzip errors disappear, so we currently run varnish 3 with gzip enabled and streaming disabled.

Unfortunately, we are also not running varnish 4 in production yet, one reason is the missing stale-if-error feature (discussed in other threads), since our old hacky vcl "restart" code from varnish 3 some inline-c which emulated Stale-If-Error, didn't work any more in varnish 4, since backend and frontend are separate now and internal code has changed a lot, so our inline-c did not fit in.

We will retry streaming and gzip with varnish 4 as soon as s-i-e is properly implemented in varnish 4.x, so we are able to throw out the old vcl hacks and make our varnish 3 vcl files to work with varnish 4.

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