[PATCH 2/2] Handle streaming fail of the source object during condfetch

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Tue Dec 16 22:42:31 CET 2014

In message <1418750241-13168-2-git-send-email-martin at varnish-software.com>, Mar
tin Blix Grydeland writes:

>Fixes: #1648

>+		if (ois == OIS_ERROR) {
>+			VFP_Error(bo->vfc, "Conditional fetch object failed");
>+		}

unnecessary {...}

>-	if (bo->vfc->failed)
>+	if (bo->ims_oc->flags & OC_F_FAILED)
>+		VFP_Error(bo->vfc, "Conditional fetch object failed");

That text confused me for a moment and I suspect it will have that
effect on other people as well.

Maybe we should call the object we IMS from "the template object" or
some such ?  ("model" ?  "stencil" ? ...)

Otherwise it looks fine.

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