4.0-tp1: obj.hits not incremented

Delacroix, Gauthier Gauthier.Delacroix at coreye.fr
Mon Jan 20 15:07:39 CET 2014

Ok, it works fine for obj.hits, but obj.lastuse gives this :

Message from VCC-compiler:
Unknown variable 'obj.lastuse'
At: ('common_end.vcl' Line 68 Pos 7)
  set obj.lastuse = now;

Running VCC-compiler failed, exit 1

VCL compilation failed


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>, "Delacroix, Gauthier" writes:

>Ok, I should have read the new default.vcl...this is often a quick 
>course of the new syntax...
>Thanks for the answer. Is there a risk in enabling them ?

No.  It will cost a fraction of your performance, but most people will never notice.

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