Thoughs on VMODs and VCL

Federico Schwindt fgsch at
Tue May 6 03:43:11 CEST 2014


As I mentioned a while ago on #varnish-hacking I've been thinking it'd be
kinda nice to have a delete keyword.
One of the reasons was to use malloc'd memory.  The other was to express
transformations like:


In what I think a more friendly way:


Or perhaps even:


This weekend, while I was talking to Dag, I thought of another reason I'd
like to see this in: to have per-request states.

Currently this is done manually using ctx->req->sp->fd as an index to a
malloc'd list. The other option is to use thread-specific data but I was
explained this won't work over waitinglist'd requests. Both of these
approaches only work for single states btw.

A PRIV_REQ type will solve single state cases and has the extra benefit of
somewhat automatic clean up when the request is done.


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