Roadblock for Varnish 4 vmod_saintmode

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Fri May 23 09:32:14 CEST 2014

In message <CAEh05Vb--iG-HP+uW0pfZeFw0F6f+0QXWmXYd-wQ3G6G4ZdU6A at>, Dag Haavi Finstad wri

>In 3.0 this was solved by vdi_healthy getting a struct sess passed
>I would like to discuss the possibility of adding a vrt_ctx parameter
>(or simply the digest) to the vdi_healthy function in Varnish
>4.0. Other suggestions would also be welcome. :)

This runs into a very big question:

Are backends (and should they be ?) visible on the request side at all ?

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