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I'm revisiting this old thread. To be a bit more concrete and less
hand-wavy this time around, here's a VMOD:

Recent changes in Varnish have made things quite a bit simpler, in
particular having bo->digest available (6b388a21), as well as having
bo->director_resp (9ba9a8bb). That said, the issue that was brought up
in my original email still stands, I still do need the digest to be
available in vdir->healthy().

The github repo above includes a patch[1] that adds a busyobj
parameter to vdir->healthy(). This permits the saintmode director
access to the digest and thus lets us consider if that object is
present on the saintmode trouble list. In the case that busyobj is not
available in the calling context (i.e. on the client side), a NULL
will be passed. In that case, the saintmode VMOD will merely fall back
to returning the health status of the decorated backend. This is much
like how it worked in 3.0, where the digest was zeroed and thus never
found on the saintmode trouble list prior to executing vcl_hash.


(never mind that this patch says PATCH 1/3, the other two needed were
varnish commits 9ec96da and 03a5a8d)


On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 11:04 AM, Poul-Henning Kamp <phk at> wrote:
> In message <CAEh05VZpyTZq2pT5dAnmwEc5AZLurAfxSeznQ4BsWxWa=ie_DQ at>
> , Dag Haavi Finstad writes:
>>The way I envisioned it is purely on the fetch side. So 'saintmode' in
>>this case will be a tool that helps us avoid picking a backend for
>>certain URLs.
> So how exactly does that work ?
> Once you havn't picked the backend, what backend do you then use ?
> Does the saint director pick another one ?  (by what algorithm ?)
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