stack vs workspace for pcre and others #1576

Nils Goroll slink at
Tue Sep 2 22:19:27 CEST 2014

> I don't think you're considering all the implications.

let me pull this straight: No, I did not mean to say we should pull in pcre. I
only wanted to start a discussion about what is the best option, I have not
thought through all implications. Again, I am not a pcre expert.

I did mean to say though that if we wanted to minimize the stack size, we should
consider options to get memory for pcre from elsewhere.

And at this point it seems like keeping pcre on the stack is the best option, so
if we need a larg-ish stack anyway for pcre, I think we should re-think some of
the code in order to make good use of that (and possibly save memory elsewhere).

Also we definitely need to provide better defaults for
pcre_match_limit_recursion and thread_pool_stack

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